Upcoming retreats in Himalayas
September 6th to 10th, 2017
September 18th to 24th, 2017

At times life seems to be bigger than what we can handle. This retreat is a place to rest and rejuvenate by tapping into our inner resources for calm and healing. It is designed for those of us who are feeling depleted, of low mood, and in need of a time and space for reconnecting and nourishment to re-engage with life as it is.

Program Benefits

Decades of research has shown that meditation may:

Enhance the quality of your life by decreasing physical and psychological symptoms.
Lower your blood pressure, and level of tension and stress.
Reduce pain or increase the capacity to live with pain.
Increase level of energy and enthusiasm for life.

About the retreat

Home is where heart is. In the busyness of our lives we tend to pay less attention to the call of the heart which is to embrace life as is with kindness and awareness. This is not easy. In these retreats we will explore ways of revisiting ourselves which have proved to be powerful tools in dealing with stress, pain, and illness.
As a participant you will receive:

  • Guided instructions in relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Guided instructions in gentle body work, and contemplative nature walks
  • A range of exercises and techniques to enhance awareness and balance in everyday life

Program Details

Himalayan Ashram, Satkhol, District Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

September 6th to 10th, 2017
September 18th to 24th, 2017

Program Information

Fees: Shared double room accommodation and Food: 1500 Rupees per night. Private room, if available is 2500 rupees per night.

Teacher Fee: By donation at the end of the retreat.

Please review the guidelines in the application form, fill out and email the Application Form to us at retreats@heartfulness.org

Payments can be made in cash on your arrival at the Himalayan Ashram. We request you to mail us copies of your travel details (tickets, etc.) within 10 days of receiving an approval of your request for participation.

About Us

The Heartfulness Institute offers specialized programs and retreats, which teaches heart-based meditation with Yogic transmission to people in more than 110 countries around the world. There are 8,000+ trainers, many of whom are working with corporates, government departments and businesses, as well as doctors working in hospitals, research institutes and universities.

The Heartfulness Institute is the umbrella organization for all Heartfulness programs including the Continuing Medical Education Certification (15 CME credits – accreditation by American medical association) for healthcare professionals. Heartfulness is a partner of the American Heart Association. To this day, more than 2 Million people have tried Heartfulness meditation.

Trainer for the retreat

Amir – Amir studied transpersonal psychology and adult education at the University of Toronto, Canada. He has been practicing, holding workshops, and teaching meditation-based approaches to health and wellbeing in different countries since year 2005.

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